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Current State

Post by King on Mon May 01, 2017 11:05 pm

Given the quirky nature of the server, and because of uncertainty in Beta Phase, this will be the following measures:

1) GMs are allowed to spawn NX IOCs + Chairs for players. Any item w/ any stats including WA/Str etc are forbidden. GM Related Items are also forbidden. This includes Invisible Name Tag/Chat Ring, GM Gloves, GM Suitcase and Wizet Suits.

2) A fraction of EPs won by players in the Open Beta phase will be carried forward when the server officially launches. This will include EP that has been redeemed by players into WA IOCs. Note that because of (1), we will only check for WA IOCs.

Eg. If someone has changed EP for an ET and got a WA IOC, it counts as 500 EP, and a fraction of that will be transferred when Servers officially launch.

3) VPs and JQPs will NOT be carried forward, as well as any Star Rocks/Scrolls etc.


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