Rebirth Contest + Bug Fixes

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Rebirth Contest + Bug Fixes

Post by King on Wed May 03, 2017 12:37 am

Hello all, the Beta phase of this server has officially begun! At the end of the Beta phase, there will be a wipe of all player characters before the server officially launches. This is because as of now there are still many bugs and balances that need to be adjusted/edited which will affect the leveling experience (Hence Beta Testing). The clean wipe is needed to ensure a level playing ground.

With that said, there will be prizes for the Top 10 players in RBs at the end of the Beta Phase, so do continue to grind hard to secure your spot! And report all bugs to either Core, Shade or Myself.


1st: 400 EP + 50 Star Rocks
2nd: 300 EP + 30 Star Rocks
3rd: 200 EP + 10 Star Rocks
4th to 10th: 50 EP + 5 Star Rocks

In addition, please report all bugs that you may come across to us! We are working on the bugs that have been brought to our attention and that may take some time! However, do continue to let us know!


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